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In 2014 the European Commission published Directive 2014/55/EU which has the objective of promoting the uptake of electronic invoicing in public procurement. The directive also aims to ensure interoperability and legal certainty between member states on this subject. Electronic invoicing has the benefit of allowing the automated generation, transmission, reception and processing of an invoice. The implementation of a common European Standard on electronic invoicing is a guarantee that these benefits are reached in the context of the European internal market.


penalty points 1GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs once again states that it has always agreed with the principles behind the penalty point system and that greater care and safety on the road was also in the interest of business, GRTU expresses grave concern on its implementation.

The penalty point system has turned out to be yet another piece of blinkered legislation that places a disproportionate burden on business owners in the most unjust manner. The rash law has unfortunately generated more than a few teething problems and, as GRTU had warned, led to serious consequences.




GRTU has today held its first Executive Council meeting during which Paul Abela has been confirmed as GRTU President for the year 2018.
The Executive Council also elected GRTU’s 6 Vice Presidents as follows:


Vice President Policy and Strategy

Philip Fenech

Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure, Business Consultancy Services

Vice president Finance and Administration

Marcel Mizzi

E-Commerce, Web & Software Developer

Vice President Sectors

Sergio Camilleri

Petrol Station owner, Auto Parts, Auto Dealer, Rent a Car & Panel Beater

Vice President Districts and Localities

Michael Galea

Auto Dealer, Importer & Repairs, Auto Service Station, Marketing Advisor & Real Estate Hifi, TV

Vice President International Relations

Mario Debono

Pharmacy Owner, Pharmaceutical Importer, Healthcare IT Provider & Property Developer

Vice President Training and Development

Joan Haber

Manufacturer of Artistic Crafts & Ceramic Goods, Event Organizer, Crafts Council Representative


GRTU’s Members on the Executive Council for the year 2018 are:


Bezzina Matthew

Transport & Logistics / Chauffer Service

Cutajar Patrick

IT Consultant

Fenech Alfred

Jewellery Importer, Manufacturer & Retailer & Restauranteur

Fenech Azzopardi


Retailer & Manufacturer of Furs & Leather Wear, Importer & Retailer of Swimwear

Fino Dino

Import & Retail of Home and Contract Furniture

Galea Stephen

President Socjeta` Vitikultura, Agriculture, Farmer & Vine Grower

Gauci Noel

Renewable Energy, Culinary Products

Micallef Marthese

Importer & Retailer of Toiletries & Detergents

Vella Salvu

Cargo Haulier (Burdnar), Customs Clearance Agent & Forwarder, Shipping & Travel Agent & VRT

Zammit Carmel

Cargo Haulier (Burdnar)

Zerafa Joseph

Brown Goods


Whilst thanking Mr Chris Vassallo and Mr Emmanuel Azzopardi for their valuable service over the years, the GRTU Council this year welcomes the inclusion of Ms Marthese Micallef - owner of Sparkle Image; and Mr Dino Fino – an importer and retailer of home and contract furniture.

Last Tuesday 30th January the GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs successfully held its Annual General Meeting during which Paul Abela made an introduction of what 2017 meant for GRTU. He said that although a number of challenging issues cropped up, GRTU successfully managed to work with the Government and all stakeholders in order to find amicable solutions that safeguard the interests of small businesses. In her presentation of the Annual Report GRTU CEO Abigail Mamo presented an overview of the work undertaken by GRTU during 2017.

Amongst other things, the CEO highlighted that following liberalisation of shop opening hours, GRTU further convinced the authorities to remove a €700 fee payable each time a business chose to open seven days a week. On the proposal and insistence of the GRTU, the CEO explained that local enforcement officers would no longer be privately employed, in order to limit the direct interest in handing out contraventions and a warning ticket system was implemented. Furthermore, the GRTU proposal to set up a Malta Development Bank saw fruition, the process to employ non-EU nationals was simplified and a scanner was moved down to the area where imports by sea enter the market in the grand harbour to help in clamping down on unfair competition.

Please click here for the full report



EYTrophyfinalNominations for this year’s Malta EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ are now open until the 9th February 2018. The competition is open to entrepreneurs from all sectors, established and new. To be eligible, nominees must either be Maltese or have been operating a company based in Malta for at least two years. Anyone, including employees, company advisors and financiers can nominate an entrepreneur, with the latter's consent. Many of the nominations come from the entrepreneurs themselves. Just being nominated can elevate a company’s profile through exposure to other entrepreneurs, sponsors, judges and guests. The winners also benefit from significant international visibility which could drive the next phase of their company’s growth.


Click here for Survey Document

GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs’ end of year Business Performance Survey indicates a positive year in general. Three out of every four respondents did not report a decrease in their turnover. Nontheless, Labour shortage was once again found to be the topmost concern, with the direct result of slowing down business growth, fuelling higher labour costs and leading to high levels of staff turnover.

32% reported higher sales during the end of year peak season while 29% had lower sales when compared to the same period in the previous year.
Black Friday was reported to have had limited positive or negative effect on the festive season as a whole with only 17% reporting increased turnover because of this phenomenon. 20%, on the other hand, felt that because of Black Friday their total sales during the festive season decreased.


BurdnaraThe Hauliers Section within GRTU, filed a judicial protest in the first hall of civil rights against the Commissioner for Inland Revenue as the legal representative responsible for the Customs Department. Through its judicial protest the hauliers section formally asks for an immediate action to be taken against any persons, being permitted to act as Cargo clearance and forwarding agents, without holding the necessary license.



launchBusiness 1st is now owned and managed by a team made up of GRTU and Government representatives. It is now a limited liability company chaired by Mr. Paul Abela, GRTU's president.

On Wednesday 22nd November Business 1st launched a series of info sessions specifically targeting SMEs. These short sessions are free of charge and are going to be held regularly.  They will tackle subjects that are of interest to Maltese Businesses. These sessions are not meant to be full courses in the subject matter. They are intended as an introduction with the aim of encouraging attendees to seek further knowledge. The sessions will also include information on related Government initiatives to help SMEs become aware of them and ultimately encourage uptake. Feedback from these sessions will be requested and recorded recorded and later used to further improve dissemination and create new services.

All info sessions are free of charge and are conducted at the new Business 1st premises in Mriehel (next to Fino showroom). Currently, the venue can host around 25 students, however if demand is higher more seats will be made available in future.

Through this portal you can either apply to attend one of the listed sessions or request to be kept updated about future sessions.


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