In a national Conference organised by Green MT, Malta's national waste packaging scheme, for its 41 local council associates. Green MT gave details of its successful operations for the year 2011 and gave also a preview of its planned strategies for 2012.


In the opening of the conference Vince Farrugia, Green MT chairman, states that "Green MT is Malta's only national social enterprise as it is one enterprise which is not only not for profit but where all resultant positive balances are reinvested for the benefit of participating members and associated Local Councils. This has been a hard task to establish, as the concept of social entrepreneurship in Malta is still not widely known and appreciated, however the sheer non-stop endeavours of the excellent team working on behalf of Green MT, the absolute support of participating Local Councils, and the tremendous work of all the contractors engaged by Green MT and the very growing support of families and households, the idea of a social enterprise working on behalf of the community is now taking roots. Gratitude is also due to the many Government authorities who give their support to our efforts to make the scheme a success. In spite of the many difficulties we have to work for success". Concluded the Green MT Chairman.

Joseph Attard Green MT CEO gave a presentation outlining that during the first 39 weeks of 2011 the scheme recovered 6,296 tonnes of recyclable waste from Local Councils in Malta. Green MT recovered recyclable fractions from a population of 256,000, thus the amount recovered is equal to a per capita weekly recovery of 25kg. It is to be noted that during the last week of September the scheme recovered 142 tonnes which is a peak for 1 week. Green MT's total amount recovery is of 10,657 tonnes throughout the period. Collections from local councils amount to 59% of all total recoveries.

Other details on link: http://www.greenmt.org/content/images/stories/seminar.pdf


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