Following Britain’s referendum result at the end of June, GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs President Paul Abela has requested a meeting of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development for Government and social partners to plan together a way forward in a context of an EU without Great Britain.

There is definitely an expected impact for the political and economic reality of the European Union and developments have to be followed closely. The political setting in Great Britain is also moving fast with resignations from PM David Cameron and with lead EXIT campaigners now refraining from taking leadership in a possible post-BREXIT United Kingdom whilst calls for Scottish Independence resurface.

Nonetheless whilst following these developments closely, our focus should only remain on Malta’s own positive economic momentum. There should not be any alarm bells but rather maintain Malta’s economic growth and identify opportunities in this new setting. This was Paul Abela’s first reactions to a MEUSAC Core Group meeting held days after the British vote. 



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