"Minister Austin Gatt said that on the issue of capping of electricity bills, for the 78 selected large firms, Enemalta is revenue neutral. This really means that all other Enterprise owners, small and medium, are paying a hidden tariff of 10% on their electricity and water bills to cover for Enemalta's deficit. It is neutral to Government but negative to all our members, it is also negative to all families.


The is completely unjust. The solution GRTU is proposing is that Government sets up a Special Fund and funding should come from either the privatisation process or from the selling of Government assets. This is the same solution that GRTU had proposed successfully when Levies were removed and many firms needed to be supported to diversify and survive.

GRTU will not accept a capping solution at the expense of enterprise in general. It is hard enough for business owners to meet the current electricity bills incorporating the 95% surcharge and the hidden 10% capping subsidy. This is the last Bill including this hidden subsidy. From the next Bill onwards GRTU will issue Directives to Businesses to pay their Bills less 10%." GRTU President Paul Abela's clear message.



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