20 business establishments in Valletta are being sacked. They and their employees have a dismal future. Government has decided to spend €80m of the tax payers` money so that our beloved members of parliament can deliver their services in a more comfortable building.

Valletta will now have a signature building and square by the famous architect Renzo Piano. This is good news. This is at the expense of business. This is bad news.


The project will rise from the entrance to the city built by gentlemen for gentlemen, into a city of policeman and soldiers guarding the almighty.

We now have all this sufferance in the main guard square as Parliament sits in the Palace and our honourable members expect the treatment previously devoted to the glorious knights.

Now they want to move up to the city entrance and you said that there is a recession and we need to spend our money on job creations and enterprise generating projects.

Did anyone mention roads, new harbour quays to bring in more cruise liners, more factory building to create jobs to replace the ones lost during the recession, new hotels, new airport facilities to bring in new tourists?

Oh no, Malta has €80m to spare and charity begins at home, we spend it all on the comfort of our members of parliament!

Chi comanda


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