As works roll on, the electricity tariffs mess-up keeps growing. There is no one out there who's convinced that Government is right.

How on earth can anyone believe Gonzi and his Ministers when the bills are now pouring in and people can see for themselves that GRTU, the Unions and everybody else was right?

The charges are exaggerated and they are not supported by current market prices for oil or gas. It is sheer stubbornness that keeps Government from admitting that they've messed this one up really, really bad.

Is-Sewwa jirbah zgur, the old man used to say. We all know that the truth is that these tariffs must go down now, as from January 1, 2009.

Come on Dr Gonzi, give us the good news. It's a bad year that we are all going to face in 2009. Cheer us up and bring this saga to an end.

Reduce the tariffs now. At the end of the day you have no choice.


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