The Tourism and Sustainable Development Unit is offering a €10 million Grant Scheme, co-financed by the European Union's structural funds, aimed at helping Maltese enterprises interested in doing a tourism related activity that falls outside what is the basic requirement by law.

The projects must specifically target tourism, a tourism attraction, getting more tourists to Malta, making your enterprise more attractive to tourists.


These are projects that in the end will strengthen Malta's competitive advantage, encourage the use of ICT while adopting good environmental practice.

Who can apply?

All enterprises wishing to do a tourism related project:

  • Small, medium and large enterprises
  • Group of companies
  • Start-up enterprises

How much can the project cost?

  • SMEs: €15 000 - €400 000
  • Large: €58 000 - €650 000

What % will be financed by the scheme?

  • Small Enterprise: 50%
  • Medium Enterprise: 40%
  • Large Enterprise: 30%

For more information on the scheme and how to apply an Information Session will be held where a detailed presentation from the authority in charge will be given. Details below:








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