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 GRTU on behalf of its members in the areas of Bugibba, Qawra, and the St Paul's Bay, has sent a letter to Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi requesting the establishment of a Task Force to address the never ending list of problems these localities are facing. GRTU argued that the idea of yet another appointment of an area manager will continue to confuse the already inefficient bureacratic and unrestrictive structure that exists today.

The Task Force should be composed of the following parties: the GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs, Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA), St Paul's Bay Bars and Restaurants Association (SPBA), the St Paul's Bay Local Council, Malta Transport Authority (ADT), the Ministry for Tourism, the Police, the  Malta Maritime Authority (MMA), and the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs (MRRA). The Task Force will supervise and make recommandations on matters related to the area together with the logistics for the implementation of the Belvedere project which includes, the embellishment of the Fra Ben area and its surroundings. The Task Force will also be responsible for all matters relating to any works taking place in the St Paul's Bay locality and reporting directly to the Prime Minister. GRTU has till today not received a reply. We will keep you posted on the issue.


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