Reference is made to the articles which appeared in today's media regarding the operations of Green MT. The facts are as follows:

Green MT was licensed to operate up to December 2009. The process of issuing the licence for 2010 was delayed due to technical discussions between MEPA and Green MT. The discussions were concluded in June 2010 and a permit was issued.








The permit issued in 2010 ensures that all Green MT members who contracted Green MT are covered for the whole of 2010 in view of the fact that Green MT has undertaken to report for the entire year at the end of 2010.

In the meantime, Green MT continued to carry out their responsibilities in the interest of their members and in the interest of the residents of the local councils with whom Green MT has contractual obligations.

The Approving Body, set up to determine which companies should be exempt from paying eco-contributions, issued provisional exemptions to those companies which applied for such exemption and which prima facie satisfied the conditions as set out in Legal Notice 84/2010. Applications were received through Green Pak and Green MT, the two licensed waste collection schemes.  All certificates issued by the Approving Body are provisional and will become final once the information submitted is duly audited. The Approving Body, after studying the facts as outlined above, issued provisional exemptions to Green MT members including for the period January 2010 to June 2010.


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