GRTU has been alerted with the important change on the light bulbs market. The changes concern the new light bulb packaging information which is available from 1st September 2010 onwards. As you may know, the old-style incandescent bulbs will stop being produced (gradually from 2009 until 2012), helping the EU to switch to greener lighting. The alternative light bulbs have new characteristics (lifetime of the bulb, number of switches on/off etc) which will have to be displayed on the light bulbs packaging through some icons.

Every bulb manufacturer is free to choose the icons to display the mandatory information, provided the icons are understandable.

It is crucial that retailers can help consumers to identify this information and help them make the best choice when buying light bulbs. For this reason, kindly contact Abigail Mamo @ GRTU to receive a factsheet in Maltese that could be distributed internally and to your sales force in order to help understand the changes. This document explains all the new characteristics and provides a short guidance to the new icons.


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